WHC – USA and China!

Trump in action! First, he said before the G20 summit he is actually content with the current situation in the trade dispute with China and does not even know if he wants an agreement and after the food with President Xi Jinping they told the world that it would be truce for at least the next 90 days in the trade war. The market responded positively to that and after the last few weeks of haircuts, the leading indices again showed hefty premiums. Of course, market participants and the world are hoping that the China-US trade dispute will be resolved in the next 90 days and a viable future-oriented solution will be found. But you never know Trump?!? Another chunk is the Climate Change Conference in Poland this week, even though Brazil and the US have turned their backs on the Paris Agreement, there is still hope that the rest of the world will come up with a sensible agreement that will sustain CO2 emissions and, perhaps, Brazil and the US gets back into the boat. Whether one believes that man is entirely to blame for climate change, or that man is not at fault, or takes the middle ground, and believes that the earth has repeatedly climatic changes but man has accelerated the change, under Stroke would be a low CO2 emissions in any case to advocate, so the gas is not exactly healthy and a burning of our fossil fuels anyway borders on madness, who thinks about what else they offer for medicine, industry etc.

All in all, a turbulent start to the “most contemplative” month of the year, for the economy is also showing a positive image, the barometer for the trade, the rush on Black Friday, shows absolute good weather, let’s see how the year ends!

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