WHC – The correction !!!

After massive haircuts on the US exchanges, the major indices such as Dow Jones and S & P500 have already lost all profits of the year and the Nasdaq Composite is also in correction mode. But do not panic, after the course since 2010, it is only understandable that there is a correction, this is also called profit taking. In our opinion, we are still in a bull market, which means we continue to believe the markets are going up. This correction is now the last good entry opportunity to participate in the upcoming win. According to our assessment, the markets will stabilize again after the congressional elections and once again show us the usual picture of rising prices. Right now everything has come together, rising key interest rates, the crisis in Saudi Arabia, the account reversals between Italy and the EU and of course the “extraordinary” policy of Mr. Trump, that in this situation investors secure their profits is only understandable, but as I said for all who are not there yet, now it’s time !!!

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