WHC – The Fall of Wall Street!

In the last two days, we saw massive sell-offs on the US stock exchanges and also globally, investors were driven by further expected interest rate increases of the Fed and the still ongoing trade dispute. There is good news about the second, China and the US want to get together for talks at the G20 summit. The situation is different with regard to the projects of the Fed, which would like to carry out another rate hike in 2018 and three next year. Many investors therefore fled to the Savemarket – the government bonds what drove the interest on just that even further. The Dow Jones lost almost 2000 points in the last week, but as serious as it sounds, we are still in a normal correction (down to a minus of around 10%) and are still a long way from a crash. However, this development shows how fragile the market is still after the economic and financial crisis of 2008, even 10 years later. A countermovement would be desirable and many investors see this current time as an excellent starting momentum!

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