WHC – The Summit # 1!

After much back-and-forth and mutual refusal, the summit meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will be full on 12 June in Singapore. What results we can expect or hope to achieve is not clear. If the US and South Korea want to completely rid the North of nuclear weapons, this would mean that Kim Jong Un is completely out of power, a rather unlikely scenario. The situation is similar with the reunification of the two states, also a disempowerment of the Kim family would be the consequence, and therefore not assuming that Kim Jong Un agrees. What remains are approaches and expansions of diplomacy to take on the one hand South Korea the fear of a military strike from North Korea and perhaps to relax the sanctions against the North, so that the people feel a little better.

The markets are currently reacting to the political events rather little, the market participants are focused on the economic data and the results of companies. We have over 25,000 points in the Dow Jones, the situation has eased a bit on the oil market, the barrel currently costs around $ 65.

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