WHC – Geopolitical Turbulence !!!

Trump and its exit from Iran nuclear agreements caused violent reactions politically as well as on the stock exchanges, the oil price stands on a multi-year high. The US stock markets also quoted this decision with significant volatility and a trend upwards. Politically, Trump is facing significant headwinds from the EU as well as from China, who continue to cling to this agreement, although it is not optimal. The consequences for European companies of reinstating US sanctions will become apparent in the coming weeks and months. Also, the increased tariffs for steel and aluminum are not yet off the table for the EU, continue to try to negotiate the European Union and to find a solution for the new situation with Iran.

The US President also suffered another small blow to North Korea, the summit on June 12, 2018 wobbles, according that Kim Jong-un is not as clear as it sounded a few days ago with the conditions of the United States. Let’s hope that at least the door remains open for further negotiations between North and South Korea and the US. Of course, this back and forth does not leave the stock markets cold either.

The economic data from the US is still stable and good, so there are no problems from the side, the geopolitical situation will probably lead to more activities on the world exchanges this summer than usual in other summers.

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