WHC – The announcement of the FED!

In the last FOMC meeting, it was obvious that a further interest rate increase was planned this year in the US, as the minutes show. This increase is due in December. The FED is convinced that the economic performance of the US as well as the low unemployment rate allow such a step. This would be the fourth interest rate increase under Yellen. But let’s look at the numbers ourselves, the economic performance of the US is good but not outstanding, we expect this year with an economic growth of about 3% and also for next year the forecast is not really higher. The dollar is currently weakening somewhat, but this could be a reaction to American intervention. What could also move the FED to this step? Is that Europe – is finally back to economic growth and the global recession has now come to an end in all the leading countries. Of course, a small beauty mistake remains, the last correction (Crash) is now 9 years back and if we look at the development since the 1930s, a correction is soon to be expected. However, we assume that this correction will be moderate and will not lead to uncontrolled eruptions. The markets are still very quiet and in no way nervous, we still see All Time Highs and the volumes are still attractive, also the short sales move in the normal frame. All in all, we are looking forward to the strongest quarter of the year and the quarterly results of the companies in the third quarter of 2017.

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