WHC – Trump and the stock market !!

The euphoria after the election of Donald Trump to the President of the United States seems to be slowed down. In his first press conference after the final confirmation of the election result, he left with some attention. The future mighty man in the world strongly criticized the US companies and especially the pharmaceutical industry, furthermore, any tax reductions do not appear to be as strong as expected. How the government around Donald Trump will really hit the first 100 days after the 20.1.2017, after the fishing, we will see. Another obstacle came from investors from the Senate who started to vote for the abolition of Obamacare, but even the Republicans are aware that there must be an equivalent substitute so that there is no disaster in the health system, we will appear.

After the sharp downtrend on the US stock exchanges on yesterday’s trading day, a lot of catching up was made and from the start minus 150 points in the Dow Jones were minus 63.

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