WHC – The Trembling!!!

After a long tremble Trump can now record his first success, the US Senate agreed to the tax reform with 51 to 49 votes – but scarce. This reform promises a significant tax relief for companies and a moderate relief for the private sector. This should actually boost the markets, but investors are probably not yet convinced, and of course a lot had already been priced in advance. In any case, after just under a year in office, President Trump can at least make that election promise come true, but in many other areas he has made it a bit more difficult for the American at the global gaming table. Resignation from trade agreements and climate resolutions, leaving UNESCO, threats against North Korea, leaving the global refugee program and, of course, his immigration policy make it difficult for diplomats in the background to keep the US in the game. For the image of America, all these decisions are rather damaging and also the place as a predator of the world could be endangered with these – sometimes thoughtless – actions. Let’s hope that the man with the strange hairstyle does not do any more damage and tacitly disappears in 3 years, the Americans can take a first step in this direction next year when representatives House and one-third of the Senate are re-elected.

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