WHC – North Korea and the stock exchanges!

The verbal confrontation between North Korea and the USA is becoming increasingly violent, and the provocations from the communist country are also growing. Even if the UN has adopted further sanctions, this will not lead to a relaxation. In Pyongyang there is a ruler who is unyielding and insensible, and who has to confirm his generals on the basis of his inheritance. The situation is also not defused by the president sitting in the White House, on the contrary, with his populist statements and an emotionality that is false for this office, Trump makes it even more dangerous. The stock exchanges react to the situation still very cautiously and continue to concentrate on the US economy, but the situation should escalate is to be expected a crash.

As already mentioned, the stock exchanges are reacting more to current economic data and developments, as always new constant highs and the foundation seems to be stable. The current dollar weakness is due to the FED’s reluctance to invest in the interest rate policy, which is why the Fed was still talking about 2-3 interest rates at the beginning of the year. Two interest rate increases have given it 2017 until now whether a third remains to be seen.

September is the third and weakest quarter on the stock exchanges to end and the strongest quarter follows, but the results of the companies are still interesting and the positive trend of the first two quarters can be continued. A corner point will be the numbers of Apple since for Apple the same as the annual figures, since the fiscal year for Apple on 30 September ends.

Furthermore, oil is still very low at around $ 50 a barrel and a massive uptrend is not within sight despite the fact that the OPEC has reduced its production. After a short high at Gold, because of the geopolitical crisis, the price has again settled at around $ 1300 per ounce.

Dow Jones 22203.48; Nasdaq Composite 6429.08; S & P500 2495.62

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