WHC – Dow over 20,000 !!!

The rally started after the fishing of Donald Trump and moved the Dow Jones Index over the psychological mark of 20,000 points yesterday. An important positive sign is that the market has not only exceeded the level intraday but has also closed above the level. In addition, the market is nervous and looks with Arguseyes at every sentence the new president Trump leaves itself. Only a small mistake Trumps and the rally could come to a halt, some analysts agree. The first 100 days of the presidency will now show what is really left of the electoral promises and the tirades. Two things Trump has already initiated, the defacto abolition of Obamacare and he urges the construction of the wall on the US American border to Mexico. The time will show how much of the “goals” is actually implemented.

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WHC – Trump and the stock market !!

The euphoria after the election of Donald Trump to the President of the United States seems to be slowed down. In his first press conference after the final confirmation of the election result, he left with some attention. The future mighty man in the world strongly criticized the US companies and especially the pharmaceutical industry, furthermore, any tax reductions do not appear to be as strong as expected. How the government around Donald Trump will really hit the first 100 days after the 20.1.2017, after the fishing, we will see. Another obstacle came from investors from the Senate who started to vote for the abolition of Obamacare, but even the Republicans are aware that there must be an equivalent substitute so that there is no disaster in the health system, we will appear.

After the sharp downtrend on the US stock exchanges on yesterday’s trading day, a lot of catching up was made and from the start minus 150 points in the Dow Jones were minus 63.

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WHC – FED Minutes!

Yesterday, the FOMC protocol, that is, the transcript of the last FED session, was published in the US. As a result, Donald Trump’s unexpected choice as President of the United States boosted the market in November and December and the interest rate was therefore set. The continued good economic data as well as the low unemployment move the Fed to increase the interest three times 2017 as planned two times. It was noted that they¬†reacted to light to the low unemployment with the interest rate steps and thus 2017 the policy rate could increase somewhat more aggressively. The markets have consistently received the signals from the FED positively and concluded on average about half a percent mark-up.

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WHC – First Trading Day 2017!

We had yesterday the first trading day on the US stock exchanges in the new year. Accordingly, the actual holiday 1.1. was on a Sunday, the stock exchanges was closed also on Mondays. The markets started with further bonuses in the new year and continued the rally. Furthermore, the Dow Jones is trying to break the psychological mark of 20,000 points, but at the moment the investors are still biting their teeth. The euro had to accept price cuts again yesterday and was also below 1.04 in the US dollar. In Germany the labor market figures were slightly better than expected, but the unemployment rate in Austria rose to more than 10%. The year 2017 can be a decisive year for the entire global economy, the markets have risen sharply and some analysts say they are over-bought, so a correction can not be ruled out.

Cheers new Year!!!

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