WHC – After the rate hike!

On Wednesday, the FED raised the key interest rate in the US by 25 basis points or 0.25%, respectively, as a result of which the dollar rose and the euro now stands at only 1.04 to the USD. The markets have coped well and have continued their rally, which is not surprising, as most market participants were expecting this increase. The US economy is strong enough and 2017 there will be another 2-3 zine increases, the Fed director Janet Yellen,

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WHC – The RUN After Trumps Choice!

With November always starting the strongest 8 months on the stock market in recent years was to see that the S & P500 between November and April could always reach about 70% of its annual gain. But 2016 is a special year, on the 8th of November the election of the US president was on and Donald Trump was re-envisioned. Many thought that the markets would crash, similar to the Brexit at the beginning of the summer, but far from the stock exchanges continued to a rally which still lasts. At the beginning, it was only the energy and technology sectors that Trump had entered, which were able to expand strongly, but now the euphoria has spread to the stock market.
Although some analysts have feared that the market could soon or is already overflowed, the economic data and quarterly figures in the US also speak a clearly positive language. As the markets continue to develop, we will inform you here on a regular basis.

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