WHC – The global economy is weakening!

.. was the key message of the Fed Yellen boss at today’s Senate testimony. They also defended the rate hike but also noted that a further increase soon is not in the house. It would even be possible, should the US slip back into recession, that the interest rate is lowered again. the decline in economic performance in the world and that Europe still does not come out of the recession, pushing global and in further consequence also on the US economy. A further problem is the low price of oil is that oil companies are still heavily injured and out of a crisis in the oil companies can quickly create a further crisis of the banks. Accordingly, some large US companies business in the oil working, another stopping the crisis could have a major impact on the US economy. All in all the markets started with strong discounts, and although there was a run to the end of the trading day, the markets closed deep red, only the price reductions on the Nasdaq were limited. Dow 15660.18 (-254.56), NASDAQ 4266.84 (-16.76), S & P500 1829.08 (-22.78)

Daily charts: 2016-02-11-charts.png

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