WHC – The start into 2016!

… proved a bit bumpy. Much analysts have assumed that after the Fed decision to raise interest rates a market downturn can be observed, these remained largely from China but the weakness at the beginning of the year now presses heavily on global equity markets. In Shanghai, the markets declined since the beginning by almost 20%, the US markets are now in the correction phase. As often mentioned at this point, provides a correction of the markets at a discount on the order of 10% by itself, since the first trading day of the year, the US indices have lost around 5%. Unlike China, Europe appears to be stabilizing, which is still far from a recovery, the unemployment rate is still around twice as high as in the United States and also economic growth in 2016 only half as highly as that of the US economy seen and even globally is lagging far behind in good old Europe. Today, the markets were reflected deep red, which, as in the last few days of trading to go still some of the losses could be reversed. Dow

Daily charts: 2016-01-07-charts.png

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