WHC – Greece Deal inspires!

After long negotiations between yesterday and today in the night an agreement with Greece could now be found in the debt dispute. Greece needs to streamline its VAT system, reduce the pension fund and the most serious is the privatization fund. Every cent is generated from privatization should flow up to a size of 50 billion in this fund. The now laced package is for the Greeks a lot tighter corset as they were to accept ready a few days ago, but it flow up to 86 billion euros to Greece. Markets reacted positively loses the euro. Dow 17977.68 (+217.27), NASDAQ 5071.51 (+73.82), S & P500 2099.60 (+22.98)

Daily charts: 2015-07-13-charts.png

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WHC – Haircuts on Greece vote!

After the Greeks voted at the weekend against the austerity measures dictated by the EU, the next financial package for Greece is in danger. The US markets reacted at a discount but were able to catch some to close of trading. As it now continues with Greece written in the stars, the EU now demand peaks forth a proposal of Tsipras, of course, come out strong of this vote, over 60% of Greeks support his attitude towards the EU. An exit from the euro could well be a possible option for Helens. Dow 17685,52 (-44,99), Nasdaq 4991,94 (-17,27), S&P500 2068,76 (-8,02)

Daily charts: 2015-07-06-charts.png

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