WHC – After Greece haircuts worldwide!

Accordingly, the negotiations with the Greeks have come to a standstill over the weekend and the banks in Greece remained closed today, the stock markets around the world responded with markdowns. The big crash failed to materialize, however, the question remains whether all currently stands to wait and is supported by the hope that it still comes to a solution or whether the market players have already resigned to the Greece bankruptcy. The next few days will show how far the crisis takes yet another influence, and the euro can keep up to date yet, but this happens when there is a euro exit of Greece remain open, dangerous moment is a possible domino effect that could occur, thus not only Greece is struck in Europe. Dow 17596,95 (-349,73), Nasdaq 4958,47 (-122,04), S&P500 2057,66 (-43,84)

Daily charts: 2015-06-29-charts.png

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WHC – Markets turn into positive territory after Fed statement!

The Fed keeps interest rates at 0.25% but raised its outlook for the US economy, a speedy rate hike by the Fed now seems increasingly likely. There are even voices that there could be two rate hikes this year. The Fed mentioned positive the unemployment rate decreases and sees economic growth moderate. The markets turned into positive territory and closed consistently hit with. From Greece there is nothing new and therefore the European markets closed in the red. Dow 17935,14 (+30,66), Nasdaq 5064,88 (+9,33), S&P500 2100,40 (+4,11)

Daily charts: 2015-06-17-charts.png

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WHC – Reductions to economic data and Greece!

After the failed negotiations about the Greece solution with creditors and to rather mixed economic data, the markets showed today in the red zone in the United States. The NY Empire Sate production index was -1.98 and industrial output at -0.2% both fell short of expectations. Dow 17791,04 (-1074,80), Nasdaq 5029,97 (-21,13), S&P500 2084,46 (-9,65)

Daily charts: 2015-06-15-charts.png

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WHC – Markets rise after light at the end of the tunnel for Greece!

The markets put today strongly to reports that Merkel and Tsipras will meet. The Greeks got hold today new money on the capital market through the issuance of 6-month government bonds with 2.97% interest rate the total amount extended to 2.925 billion euros. The IMF payment has been postponed until the end of June must therefore Greece around 7 billion euros muster in 21 days.

Merkel is trying to forge compromises, this should not bear fruit is Greece with the end of June probably be final insolvent, but the markets do not believe and today grew significantly. Dow 18000,40 (+236,36), Nasdaq 5076,69 (+62,82), S&P500 2105,19 (+25,04)

Daily charts: 2015-06-10-charts.png

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WHC – Greece presses the markets!

The still unclear situation with Greece pushing on the mood on all stock exchanges. Furthermore, there is no solution and continue the voices are getting louder that Greece should withdraw from the euro. But the consequences would be indefinite, not that the missing Greek BIP’s had much impact on the EU, but the massive loss of confidence in the EU and the euro would probably make waves massive impact on the stock markets and the economy in Europe to be pull. Dow 17766,48 (-82,98), Nasdaq 5021,63 (-46,83), S&P500 2079,28 (-13,55)

Daily charts: 2015-06-08-charts.png

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WHC – Markets rise after ADP!

The ADP jobs newly created surprised with 201K positively and the trade balance in the US – $ 40.88 billion was better than expected. Markets SILENCE these data with lapels, but continue the investors are still keeping an eye towards Greece. Should no agreement be reached Friday, Greece defacto is insolvent and a euro exit translucent likely therefore the IMF now also endorsed this. Dow 18076,67 (+64,73), Nasdaq 5099,23 (+22,71), S&P500 2114,13 (+4,52)

Daily charts: 2015-06-03-charts.png

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WHC – Increases on the first of the month!

After good ISM data, the markets on the first trading were up in June. The ISM manufacturing is at 52.8, the ISM price paid 49.5 only private spending remained unchanged and therefore did not reach the expected increase of 0.2%. The markets rose by 0,2 percent. Dow 18040,24 (+29,56), Nasdaq 5082,93 (+12,90), S&P500 2111,76 (+4,37)

Daily charts: 2015-06-01-charts.png

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