WHC – March concludes with minus!

Not only the markets today close to me-downs, the entire month ends with a negative sign. The main reasons for this are the louder rumors of an imminent rate hike by the Fed, the strong dollar and of course the excitement and anticipation about the success of the company’s first quarter. In addition, of course, also expresses the situation in Europe in the mood and after the strong increases in the markets in recent months and years, the Dow Jones has nearly tripled since the low of 2008 are profit-taking even a logical response. Europe is seen over the year continues in a Delflation with a consumer price index of -0.1%. Dow 17777,26 (-199,05), Nasdaq 4900,88 (-46,55), S&P500 2067,89 (-18,35)

Daily charts: 2015-03-31-charts.png

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WHC – Markets with little change!

This week there was to the US market until now consistently downs are only partially to a considerable extent. Today the markets little change in spite of good labor market datainitial claims for unemployment benefits showed better than expected with 282K again. Is pressed, the mood in the markets at the time by the strong dollar and a possible imminent rate hike by the FED to continue naturally contaminates the situation in Europe and allows investors seek security. Dow 17678,63 (-39,91), Nasdaq 4363,36 (-13,16), S&P500 2056,18 (-4,87)

Daily charts: 2015-03-26-charts.png

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WHC – Markets close different!

After yesterday’s statement by the Fed that a rate hike is likely, but certainly not in April, markets rose much yesterday. Today, the day after, despite having 291K, less unemployment claims as and better current account with USD 113.5 billion promised than the forecasts, the markets closed differently today. The Nasdaq scratch again at the 5000 point mark. Dow 17959.03 (-117.16), Nasdaq 4,992.38 (+9.55), S & P 500 2,089.29 (-10.21)

Daily charts: 2015-03-19-charts.png

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WHC – Restraint before FED meeting!

The markets today appeared at a discount, investors exercise restraint before the Fed meeting on Wednesday. In addition, shows a strong dollar and oil at a discount its effect. Although the indices have been catching a lot of their early losses, but it stems only the Nasdaq Composite in the green field. Dow 17849.01 (-128.41), Nasdaq 4,937.43 (+7.92), S & P500 2074.18 (-7,01)

Daily charts: 2015-03-17-charts.png

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WHC – After mixed data strong bonuses!

The mixed economic data from the US today ensured that the fears decreased, the Fed could raise its key interest rate soon. Initial claims for unemployment benefits with 289K were better than expected, but disappointing retail sales -0.6%. The markets rallied strongly. In recent days, above all, the stronger dollar pressed on the markets, with investors feeling is spreading that it could have negatively on the equity markets if the USD continues to increase. Dow 17895.22 (+259.83), Nasdaq 4,893.29 (+43.35), S & P 500 2,065.95 (+25.71)

Daily charts: 2015-03-12-charts.png

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WHC – Strong discounts!

Due to the further strengthened dollar and falling oil prices, the markets are now fallen sharply. Investors fear that a strong dollar could have impact on the stock markets. The euro is swallowed 1.07 USD. Dow 17,667.24 (-328.48), Nasdaq 4,859.79 (-82.64), S&P500 2,044.24 (-35.19)

Daily charts: 2015-03-10-charts.png

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WHC – After ADP discounts!

The ADP jobs created are lower than expected, with 212K, will be interesting to the number of government on Friday. The markets were the second day in a row. Dow 18097.41 (-105.96), Nasdaq 4,967.14 (-12.76), S & P 500 2,098.56 (-9.22)

Daily charts: 2015-03-04-charts.png

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