WHC – Markets up much!

After two days at a substantial discount, the markets rose again today too. Driven by the markets continued good quarterly figures and labor market data. Initial claims for unemployment benefits amounted to 265K far below forecasts. Dow 17416.85 (+225.48), Nasdaq 4,683.41 (+45.41), S & P 500 2,021.26 (+19.10)

Daily charts: 2015-01-29-charts.png

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WHC – Strong discounts !!!

After the markets were up in the past several days, it announced today after a very weak number to order consumer goods with 3.4% a strong slip down. In depression, the Dow was almost 400 points down but was able to recover some back towards the close of trading, but the indices closed deep in the red. Dow 17387,40 (-291,30), Nasdaq 4681,50 (-90,27), S&P500 2029,59 (-27,50)

Daily charts: 20105-01-27-charts.png

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WHC – Powerful bonuses after ECB press conference!

Mario Draghi, the ECB chief, announced today to expand the bond buying program to 60 billion per month and during until September 2016 to continue to boost the European economy. Whether naturally another money into the market pump during a deflation to the desired goal remains to be seen. The markets rallied strongly the euro fell below 1.14 against the US dollar. Dow 17813,98 (+259,70), Nasdaq 4750,40 (+82,98), S&P500 2063,15 (+31,03)

Daily charts: 2015-01-22-charts.png

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WHC – Euro debacle – Swiss Francs!

Today in the morning, the Swiss National Bank decided the minimum rate of 1.20 Swiss francs no longer keep the euro. The francs then rose to 1.01 Swiss francs to the euro. The euro lose also against the dollar and stands at 1.16 dollars. After streaky quarterly results of banks Citigroup $ 0.06 per share and Bank of America $ 0.25 per share and for higher-than-expected initial claims for unemployment benefits with 316K, markets, today announced again, S&P500 below 2000. The producer price index was 1.1% above expectations. Dow 17322,54 (-104,55), Nasdaq 4570,82 (-68,50), S&P500 1992,70 (-18,57)

Daily charts: 2015-01-15-charts.png

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WHC – Slight decrease!

After a volatile trading the markets close for the second day this week to negative. After an increase of around 300 points in the Dow Jones still negative, again due Europe. Germany, the ECB does not allow support for further aid packages. Dow 17613.68 (-27.16), Nasdaq 4,661.50 (-3.21), S & P 500 2,023.03 (-5.23)

Daily charts: 2015-01-13-charts.png

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WHC – First positive trading in 2015!

After a slow start due to the problems in Europe, the markets rallied today after better than expected ADP jobs data (241K new jobs) and a better balance of trade deficit of -39 billion, sharply. In Europe, there is now finally deflation and the prospects for taming the euro crisis have fallen with the elections in Greece again. Unlike in the US economic data continue to show a moderate increase and a first rate hike within the first 6 months in the new year is quite possible the current inflation in the US would allow it certainly meant the FED. Dow 17584,52 (+212,88), Nasdaq 4650,47 (+57,73), S&P500 2025,89 (+23,28)

Daily charts: 2015-01-07-charts.png

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