WHC – With slight increase out of trade!

Although initial claims for unemployment benefits with 313K was above expectations and consumer confidence at the University of Michigan with 88.80 below forecasts, the markets rallied easy today. The pending home sales were down 1.1% below expectations, only the order of commodities with + 0.4% convinced. Dow 17827.69 (+12.75), Nasdaq 4,787.32 (+29.06), S & P 500 2,072.79 (+5.76)

Daily charts: 2014-11-26-charts.png

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WHC – Differently economic data!

Today there was a rollercoaster of emotions in economic data, and so the markets reacted today. First published the gross domestic product of the United States and was 3.9% above expectations, a little later then the CB Consumer Confidence was disclosed and, at 88.70 below forecasts. Markets reacted volatile and closed at the end differently. Dow 17816,64 (-1,26), Nasdaq 4758,25 (+3,36), S&P500 2067,19 (-2,23)

Daily charts: 2014-11-25-charts.png

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WHC – After China news strong plus!

China announced today to reduce its key rate by 40 basis points to 5.6% in order the economy continues to boost. The markets reacted very positively and closed with strong lapels. New all-time highs in the Dow Jones and S & P500. Dow 17809.68 (+90.68) Nasdaq 4,712.97 (+11.10) S & P 500 2,063.48 (+10.73)

Daily charts: 2014-11-21-charts.png

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WHC – After volatile trading closing with minus!

Today the minutes of the FOMC meeting was published by October, the Fed is disappointing on a low inflation, but the bond buying program was terminated only with one dissenting vote. On the economic development of the members are satisfied and it was discussed also a rise in interest rates in the course of the meeting. The markets reacted very volatile but could close the end with little change. Dow 17685,73 (-2,09), Nasdaq 4675,71 (-26,73), S&P500 2048,72 (-3,08)

Daily charts: 2014-11-19-charts.png

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WHC – Markets started differently in a week!

Once in Japan again threatens the recession, the markets started today behave in a week. After initial discounts the main indices could indeed catch some, but concluded differently. The NY Empier production index 10.16, as well as industrial production -0.1% were below expectations in the United States. Dow 17647.75 (+13.01), Nasdaq 4,671.00 (-17.54), S & P 500 2,041.32 (+1.50)

Daily charts: 2014-11-17-charts.png

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WHC – Markets at the end with Plus!

After a volatile trading the US markets reported a plus today. Under pressure, the energy values by the low oil prices by falling margins for these companies. The initial jobless claims were at 290K was slightly above expectations but still at its lowest level in 14 years. Dow 17652,34 (+40,14), Nasdaq 4680,14 (+5,00), S&P500 2039,31 (+1,07)

Daily charts: 2014-11-13-charts.png

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WHC – Markets virtually unchanged!

After initial reductions to the US markets due to remain rather promising economic and financial situation in Europe, the indices were able to catch up the losses over the day and close nearly unchanged. Oil is with $ 77.18 so low since in October 2011. Dow 17612,20 (-2,70), Nasdaq 4675,13 (+14,58), S&P500 2038,25 (-1,43)

Daily charts: 2014-11-12-charts.png

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WHC – Positive start to the week!

After three weeks with increase and new all-time highs, the markets also start in this week with Plus. The quarterly earnings season is nearing the end and the investors are consistently satisfied with the figures. Dow 17613,71 (+39,72), Nasdaq 4651,62 (+19,08), S&P500 2038,22 (+6,30)

Daily charts: 2014-11-10-charts.png

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WHC – After good labor market data – Plus!

After lower than expected initial jobless claims to 278K in the US, the markets were up again today. Furthermore the good quarterly figures from Tesla with $ 0.02 per share and CBS with $0,74 per share could continue investors to invest in the markets. Dow 17554,08 (+69,55), Nasdaq 4638,46 (+17,75), S&P500 2031,10 (+7,54)

Daily charts: 2014-11-06-charts.png

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WHC – Different markets close!

Despite a higher than expected trade deficit in the US with -43.03 billion and a decline in ISM New York Index to 54.8, the markets were able to catch up again some initial reductions. The very low oil price, the lowest since 3 years, press especially the oil companies in the knee and this is also reflected in market history. The markets ended differently. Dow 17383,52 (+17,21), Nasdaq 4623,63 (-15,27), S&P500 2012,03 (-5,78)

Daily charts: 2014-11-04-charts.png

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