WHC – Again strong plus!

After a good consumer confidence Michigan University with 86.90, the markets could convince end of the week, the S & P500 traded back above 2000 points. It only remains to say Happy Halloween. Dow 17388.85 (+193.43) Nasdaq 4,630.74 (+64.60) S & P 500 2,017.86 (+23.21)

Daily charts: 2014-10-31-charts.png

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WHC – Reductions after Fed statement!

The Fed expressed today that the bond buying program (QE3) is now completely set and there will be no new (QE4). The investors hoped for a further intervention by the Fed, but the current action has a silver lining, the top tips of the financial world, believe that the USA is on a sound economic foundation and another cheap money is not necessary. Dow 16,974.37 (-31.38) Nasdaq 4,549.22 (-15.07), S & P500 1,982.30 (-2.75)

Daily charts: 2014-10-29-charts.png

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WHC – Strong growth by good consumer confidence!

After continued strong quarterly results and a rising consumer confidence, the markets rallied again today. Consumer confidence is at 94.50, published among others Pfizer with $ 0.57 per share and Amgen at $ 2.30 per share both exceeded expectations. The Dow Jones is back over 17000. Dow 17005.75 (+187.81) Nasdaq 4,564.29 (+78.36) S & P 500 1,985.05 (+23.42)

Daily charts: 2014-10-28-charts.png

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WHC – Week starting in Plus!

Despite a weaker service with PMI with 57,30 and pending home sales of + 0.3% last month, the market was able to show positive again today. Merck presented with $ 0.9 per share better than expected quarterly results. Dow 16817.68 (+12.27) Nasdaq 4,485.93 (+2122), S & P500 1,961.61 (-2.97)

Daily charts: 2014-10-27-charts.png

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WHC – Markets again with Plus!

After good quarterly numbers the markets again up today. Microsoft impressed with $ 0.54 per share, Procter & Gamble with $ 1.07 per share and $ 0.24 per share with Ford. Dow 16805,41 (+127,51), Nasdaq 4483,71 (+30,92), S&P500 1964,57 (+13,75)

Daily charts: 2014-10-24-charts.png

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WHC – Strong growth after Caterpillar!

After once again good numbers from Europe, the PMI rose more than expected, and after the announcement by Caterpillar to increase its outlook, the U.S. stock markets were strong today. The quarterly results of the companies are published today were above expectations as GM with $ 0.97 per share, or just Caterpillar with $ 1.72 per share. Dow 16676,62 (+215,30), Nasdaq 4452,79 (+69,95), S&P500 1950,74 (+23,64)

Daily charts: 2014-10-23-charts.png

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WHC – Minus after attack on Canadian Parliament!

The trading in the United States began with a continuous growth until in the Canadian Parliament in Otava falen shots. The number of offenders as well as the exact sequence of events remains unclear. The markets reacted immediately with discounts and closed in the red. Dow 16461,20 (-153,36), Nasdaq 4382,84 (-36,63), S&P500 1927,13 (-14,15)

Daily charts: 2014-10-22-charts.png

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WHC – Strong gains in U.S. stock markets!

After good figures from the real estate market and a good Redbook, the markets were again strong today. Sales of existing homes rose by 2.4% and the Redbook Index, a growth index in the United States, lay up on the year seen at 4.1%. The quarterly figures from Apple with $ 1.42 per share, Coca Cola with $ 0.53 per share and Harley Davidson with $ 0.69 per share were able to convince. Dow 16614,68 (+215,01), Nasdaq 4419,47 (+103,40), S&P500 1941,22 (+37,21)

Daily charts: 2014-10-21-charts.png

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WHC – Another green day!

Even today, the indicators in the United States back up. Although Europe has again experienced a bad day, the U.S. stock markets could close with slight impacts. Dow 16399,67 (+19,26), Nasdaq 4316,07 (+57,64), S&P500 1904,02 (+17,26)

Daily charts: 2014-10-20-charts.png

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WHC – A strong sign of life!

The markets are back, after a good consumer confidence of 86.40 and the reflection of investors on the good numbers in the USA and the good quarterly results of companies like GE with $0.38 per share and Morgan Stanley with $0.65 per share. The major indices were up sharply today and the Nasdaq could even reach a week plus. Dow 16380,21 (+262,97), Nasdaq 4258,43 (+41,05), S&P500 1886,76 (+24,00)

Daily charts: 2014-10-17-charts.png

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