WHC – Markets on the last day of the quarter with light minus!

The last day of September is also the last day of the 3rd quarter now follows the strongest quarter of the year. After a Chicago purchasing managers index of 60.5 and a CB consumer confidence of 86, both below expectations, the markets started with a plus in the trading day, but gave in the course of the day off to put something back in the end. The month was closed with slight decrease. Dow 17042,99 (-28,23), Nasdaq 4493,39 (-12,46), S&P500 1972,31 (-5,49)

Daily charts: 2014-09-30-charts.png

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WHC – Weak start to the week!

After protests in Hong Kong, the global markets came under pressure. The start of the week was also in the USA, although weak at the end of the trading day, the main indices were able to catch up a lot. The private expenditure with + 0.5% were better than expected in the united states, however, the pending home sales declined by -1%. Dow 17071,22 (-41,93), Nasdaq 4505,85 (-6,34), S&P500 1977,82 (-5,03)

Daily charts: 2014-09-29-charts.png

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WHC – Strong reductions after Russia statement!

After the Russian government seeks a path that can be fog official court any foreign assets, the climate between East and West will intensify even further. The markets reacted dramatically and today showed strong reductions because could not change that the better-than-expected initial jobless claims to 293K. Orders for durable goods fell by -18.2% in the USA. Dow 16,945.80 (-264.026), Nasdaq 446.74 (-88.47), S & P500 1965.99 (-32.31)

Daily charts: 2014-09-25-charts.png

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WHC – The market rise again!

After days with partly strong reductions, we saw today a strong counter-movement, the markets showed strong growth. This resulted partly from the first successes in the military strikes against the ISIS in the Middle East and by the fact that with 504K more apartment were sold in the United States than expected. Dow 17210.89 (+155.02) Nasdaq 4,555.22 (+46.53) S & P500 1998.33 (+15.56)

Daily charts: 2014-09-24-charts.png

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WHC – More haircuts !!!

Thus, the situation in the Middle East escalates we see again haircuts in the markets today. Investors look to Syria and Iraq, while contributing to their capital in safety and ensure the appropriate management gains. Dow 17,056.51 (-116.17) Nasdaq 4,508.69 (-19.00), S & P500 1982.79 (-11.50)

Daily charts: 2014-09-23-charts.png

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WHC – With negative sign in the week!

To lace no further stimulus packages for the economy after the announcement of China and disappointing disposals of homes in the United States (5,05M), the markets showed the beginning of the week with a negative sign today. The S & P500 fell back below the 2000 mark. Dow 17172,75 (-106,99), Nasdaq 4527,68 (-52,10), S&P500 1994,30 (-16,10)

Daily charts: 2014-09-22-charts.png

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WHC – For week ending differently!

After a strong week the markets close today differently, but all the major indices closed the week with plus. The euro continues to lose and now stands at $ 1.2835. The benchmark index of the United States with 0.2% something much weaker than expected. Dow 17280,57 (+14,58), Nasdaq 4579,78 (-13,64), S&P500 2010,49 (-0,87)

Daily charts: 2014-09-19-charts.png

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WHC – Markets continue to rise!

Despite mixed economic data from the United States at the present day the markets continue to rise. The initial jobless claims with 280K were far better than expected housing starts with -14.4% were far worse than expected and the Philly Fed manufacturing index at 22.5 was below forecasts. On the other hand Janet Yellen said the Fed boss today that U.S. budget deficit at 3.6% so slowly grows as the last time in the second quarter of 2007, while the Fed wants to keep interest rates low for some time, this inspired the markets today. Dow 17266,06 (+109,21), Nasdaq 4593,42 (+31,24), S&P500 2011,37 (+9,80)

Daily charts: 2014-09-18-charts.png

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WHC – Strong Plus!

After days of discounts we see today a strong plus in the U.S. markets. Primary markets were driven by the power companies due to the rising oil price. The producer price index remained unchanged. All eyes are on tomorrow’s FOMC statement. Dow 17131,71 (+100,57), Nasdaq 4552,75 (+33,86), S&P500 1998,99 (+14,86)

Daily charts: 2014-09-16-charts.png

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WHC – Different start of the week!

After better than expected NY Empire State manufacturing activities with 27.54 but a drop in industrial production by -0.1% in the USA, the markets start today differ in the week. Furthermore, the eyes of market participants are also directed to the Middle East and Ukraine, and the development in these regions. A clear statement came from the NATO no accession for Ukraine. Dow 17031,14 (+43,63), Nasdaq 4518,90 (-48,70), S&P500 1984,11 (-1,43)

Daily charts: 2014-09-15-charts.png

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