WHC – There is almost unchanged on the last day of the month!

On the last trading day of the month, the markets close nearly unchanged, as seen over the month, we see again a plus, the fourth consecutive month. The Chicago purchasing managers index stood at 65.5 above expectations, however, was the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (consumer confidence) with 81.9 lower than forecast, but again higher than in the previous reading. Dow 16715,12 (+16,44), Nasdaq 4242,62 (-5,33), S&P500 1923,47 (+3,45)

Daily charts: 2014-05-30-charts.png

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WHC – After Memorial Day again today Plus!

Yesterday holiday in the U.S. was (Memorial Day), so the U.S. stock markets started only today in the new week and the same with a good plus! Orders for durable goods were above expectations at 0.8% increase and also the CB Consumer Confidence at 83 is also increased further. Also, the S & P Case Shiller index for house prices of 12.4% is increased more than expected and indicates that the real estate market continues to recover. Dow 16675,50 (+69,23), Nasdaq 4237,06 (+51,26), S&P500 1911,92 (+11,39)

Daily charts: 2014-05-27-charts.png

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WHC – Despite streaky economic data, slight plus!

The initial jobless claims are up with 326K slightly higher, as expected, but the continuing jobless claims with 2653K are lower than expected, the disposal of existing homes were 4.65 M less than expected. The markets reacted with small changes and concluded with Plus. Dow 16543,08 (+10,02), Nasdaq 4154,34 (+22,80), S&P500 1892,50 (+4,46)

Daily charts: 2014-05-22-charts.png

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WHC – Today the markets picking up again!

After the haircuts yesterday’s strong gains in the financial markets today! After yesterday, the rumors spread, the Fed could raise rates earlier than expected, this statement has been corrected to diskudiert about a rate hike, but this does not mean that this is already being, implemented. This correction of the rumor, inspired the entrants into the markets to enter. Dow 16533.06 (+158.75) Nasdaq 4131.53 (+34.65) S & P 500 1888.03 (+15.20)

Daily charts: 2014-05-21-charts.png

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WHC – Reseller falter!

According to Walmart and Kohl’s published today Home Depot and Staples their quarterly results and the two retailers fell short of expectations. These messages unsettled investors and thus we saw today falling markets. The consistently poor numbers of retailers are but on the long and severe winter to lead back in the next quarter, these numbers look better. Dow 16374.31 (-137.55) Nasdaq 4096.89 (-28.92), S & P500 1872.84 (-12.24)

Daily charts: 2014-05-20-charts.png

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WHC – Volatile in the new week!

After the losses in the last week, the markets started today volatile in the new week. The investors are still looking for the direction, but the markets could close with a slight advantage. The currently streaky economic data in the U.S. and the geopolitical difficult situation in Ukraine, unsettle the market participants, one reflect on the fundamentals but will use. Dow 16511,86 (+20,55), Nasdaq 4125,81 (+35,23), S&P500 1885,08 (+7,22)

Daily charts: 2014-05-19-charts.png

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WHC – With Plus on Friday!

After more than expected building permits (1.080 M) and housing starts (1.072 M) in the U.S. and despite lower consumer confidence, the markets were up in the afternoon and finish in positive territory. But the week as a whole is at a discount to the end. Dow 16491,38 (+44,57), Nasdaq 4090,58 (+21,29), S&P500 1877,88 (+7,03)

Daily charts: 2014-05-16-charts.png

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WHC – Despite good data minus!

Despite good economic data, the markets again made significant minus. The initial jobless claims totaled 297k far below expectations and the first time in six years under 300k. Also, the Phily Fed index was 15.4 bit better than expected. The markets were primarily driven into the red by the rather weak quarterly figures from Walmart and Kohl’s, the big retailers could not meet the expectations. Dow 16446.81 (-167.16) Nasdaq 4069.29 (-31.33), S & P500 1870.85 (-17.68)

Daily charts: 2014-05-15-charts.png

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WHC – Strong discounts on this day!

Despite a better than expected producer price index at 0.6% in the U.S., the markets have list strong reductions  today. After the gains of recent days and the new all-time highs of Dow Jones and S & P500 investors secured their profits today. Dow 16613,97 (-101,47), Nasdaq 4100,62 (-29,54), S&P500 1888,53 (-8,92)

Daily charts: 2014-05-14-charts.png

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WHC – Retail worse than expected!

Retail sales amounted to an increase of 0.1% last month below expectations, the markets respond differently. Dow Jones and S & P500 again show a new all-time high, only the Nasdaq had today leave some feathers. The crisis in Ukraine still seems to play no major role by the investors. The quarterly earnings season is coming to an end, the resume is that most companies were able to meet or exceed expectations in earnings per share as well as the income. Dow 16715.25 (+19.78) Nasdaq 4130.16 (-13.69), S & P500 1897.43 (+0.79)

Daily charts: 2014-05-13-charts.png

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