WHC – Strong reductions on Friday!

The markets recorded strong reductions and show us the worst week since May 2013. The Dow Jones drops below 16,000, the S & P500 under in 1800. Investment companies have withdrawn from emerging markets to minimize the risk of money because they expect ind these markets with losses. Dow 15879.11, Nasdaq 4128.17 (-90.70), S & P500 1790.29 (-38.17)

Daily charts: 2014-01-24-charts.png

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WHC – Strong discounts!

According to worse-than-expected economic data in the real estate in the U.S., even the good quarterly results of Mc Donalds and United Airlines could not change the fact that the markets were deep red. After the market close, Microsoft released the quarterly figures and the numbers were better than expected.  Dow 16199,28 (-174,06), Nasdaq 4218,87 (-24,13), S&P500 1828,56 (-16,30)

Daily charts: 2014-01-23-charts.png

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WHC – The markets once again different!

Furthermore, the quarterly results draw a positive picture. Before the start of trading United Technologies released the figures and was better than expected. After the market close, the numbers of Netflix came, and were far above expectations. the markets appear inconsistent. Dow 16373,86 (-40,58), Nasdaq 4243,00 (+17,24), S&P500 1844,86 (+1,06)

Daily charts: 2014-01-22-charts.png

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WHC – Strong quarterly results!

After yesterday’s holiday in the U.S., Martin Luther King Day, the markets opened today in the week. Before the market opened today published among others, Delta Airlines, Verizon and Johnson and Johnson quarterly results all exceeded expectations. The markets reacted differently. After Hours IBM and Texas instrument published, both were better than expected. Dow 16413,99 (-43,73), Nasdaq 4225,76 (+28,18), S&P500 1843,79 (+5,09)

Daily charts: 2014-01-21-charts.png

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WHC – Markets close different!

The economic data was mixed today in the U.S., the real estate market is weakening a little and consumer confidence is lower than expected. Morgan Stanley was able to convince the quarterly results and exceeded expectations. Dow 16455,42 (+38,41), Nasdaq 4197,58 (-21,11), S&P500 1838,62 (-7,26)

Daily charts: 2014-01-17-charts.png

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WHC – Markets give off!

The economic data were now in line with expectations, the consumer price index met the expectations exactly the jobless claims were lower than expected the Phili Fed Manufacturing Index expected better. Bank of America published the quarterly figures today and was better than forecast. Dow 16419,52 (-64,93), Nasdaq 4218,68 (+3,80), S&P500 1845,90 (-2,48)

Daily charts: 2014-01-16-charts.png

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WHC – After economic data strong gains!

Yesterday, retail sales were released in the U.S. and were above expectations, the same applies to the producer price index released today and the NY Empire State manufacturing index, both were better than expected. The markets continue go up, also because of the quarterly results of the Bank of America exceeded the predictions. Dow 16481,94 (+108,08), Nasdaq 4214,88 (+31,87), S&P500 1848,38 (+9,50)

Daily charts: 2014-01-15-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up on the bank data!

Wells Fargo has released the quarterly results today and exceeded expectations, the numbers of JP Morgan were still well below expectations, but due to the pronounced penalty. The markets rallied strongly. Dow 16373,92 (+115,98), Nasdaq 4183,01 (+69,71), S&P500 1838,88 (+19,68)

Daily charts: 2014-01-14-charts.png

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WHC – Strong reductions at the beginning of the week!

The investors are cautiously, this week really begins the quarterly earnings season, as the company figures fail is currently in focus, because that is a direct sign of economic health. The markets show discounts! Dow 16257,94 (-179,11), Nasdaq 4113,30 (-61,36), S&P500 1819,20 (-23,17)

Daily charts: 2014-01-13-charts.png

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WHC – Markets after unemployment data differently!

The expected labor market data have been published today. The jobs created were far below expectations but the unemployment rate has fallen and is at 6.7% in the U.S. compared to Europe is the unemployment rate at 12.1%. Dow 16436,73 (-8,10), Nasdaq 4174,66 (+18,47), S&P500 1842,37 (+4,24)

Daily charts: 2014-01-10-charts.png

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