WHC – Happy New Year!

On the last trading day of the year to lay the markets and Dow Jones as the S & P500 show us a new all-time high. We wish you a Happy New Year! Dow 16576.66 (+72.37) Nasdaq 4176.59 (+22.39) S & P 500 1848.36 (+7.20)

Daily charts: 2013-12-31-charts.png

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WHC – The Year ends!

The year ends with nearly unchanged markets. Morning still a trading day and then we start on 01.02.2014 in the New Year! Dow 16504,29 (+25,88), Nasdaq 4154,19 (-2,39), S&P500 1841,07 (-0,33)

Daily charts: 2013-12-30-charts.png

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WHC – Markets with slight discounts!

After strong impacts yesterday, the markets show today with slight discounts. The economic data today were sown thinly therefore no impetus for the weekend were visible on the floor. Dow 16478,47 (-1,41), Nasdaq 4156,59 (-10,58), S&P500 1841,41 (-0,61)

Daily Charts: 2013-12-27-charts.png

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WHC – Markets add more!

On the first trading day after Christmas markets build their growth further. The Dow Jones as well as the S & P500 show us a new all-time high. Applications for unemployment benefits are lower than expected. Dow 16479,76 (+122,27), Nasdaq 4167,17 (+11,76), S&P500 1842,03 (+8,71)

Daily charts: 2013-12-26-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up again!

Even the day before Christmas Eve, the markets lay again. Tomorrow is a shortened trading place in New York and at 12.25. the stock market is closed on 12.26. will take place again a regular trade. Dow 16295,00 (+73,86), Nasdaq 4148,90 (+44,16), S&P500 1828,03 (+9,71)

Daily charts: 2013-12-23-charts.png

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WHC – After GDP markets green!

Even today, the markets lay back and close the week with strong lapels. The GDP in the U.S. was better than expected and is about 4%. The Dow Jones as well as the S & P 500 posted a new all-time high. Dow 16233,60 (+54,52), Nasdaq 4104,74 (+46,61), S&P500 1818,98 (+9,39)

Daily charts: 2013-12-20-charts.png

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WHC – Markets different!

The markets today get some air after the sensational day yesterday, the initial jobless claims are slightly higher than expected and the housing market falters somewhat. The markets close nearly unchanged. Dow 16178,82 (+10,85), Nasdaq 4058,13 (-11,93), S&P500 1809,60 (-1,05)

Daily charts: 2013-12-19-charts.png

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WHC – Now the cat is out of the bag!

Today was the end of the two-day FOMC meeting and the FED but has decided to reduce its bond buying program January. The reduction takes place initially in a small step of 10 billion U.S. dollars, up to now, the Fed bought bonds for 85 billion per month from January for only 75 billion. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the low interest rate of 0.25% remains expected by the end of 2014. The markets reacted very positively to this news, the Dow is back over 16,000 and the S & P500 has returned over 1800. Dow 16168,80 (+293,48), Nasdaq 4070,06 (+46,38), S&P500 1810,75 (+29,74)

Daily charts: 2013-12-18-​​charts.png

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WHC – Good economic data U.S.!

Economic data from the U.S. were now consistently exceeding expectations. The index to the consumer prices as well as the current account in the U.S. were higher than forecasts. The markets reacted almost unchanged. Dow 15875,32 (-9,25), Nasdaq 4023,68 (-5,84), S&P500 1780,99 (-5,55)

Daily charts: 2013-12-17-charts.png

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WHC – Today strong growth!

The economic data in the U.S. today were indeed different but the markets put strongly. The non-farm productivity rose more than expected and loves at 3%, the NY Empire State Manufacturing Index fell below expectations, the TIC Long-term investments as well as the industrial production in the U.S. exceeded expectations. Dow 15884,95 (+129,53), Nasdaq 4029,51 (+28,54), S&P500 1786,55 (+11,23)

Daily charts: 2013-12-16-charts.png

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