WHC – Negative to Helloween!

More-than-expected jobless claims and the markets are in the red. We see strong additions to the month-end closing, but the month has begun with discounts, towards the end we see an all-time high in the S & P500 and the Dow Jones was cutting it close. Nasdaq may also record a new multi-year high. Dow 15552,55 (-66,21), Nasdaq 3919,70 (-10,91), S&P500 1756,73 (-6,58)

Daily charts: 2013-10-31-charts.png

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WHC – Reductions to FOMC Minutes!

Economic data in the ADP jobs and Verbraucherpreisinfaltion were below expectations. The Fed beläst interest rates at a low level and sets its bond buying program in full on. The markets confirm this at a discount. Dow 15618.76 (-61.59) Nasdaq 3930.62 (-21.72), S & P 500 1763.31 (-8.64)

Daily charts: 2013-10-30-charts.png

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WHC – Markets go up!

Despite lower retail sales and a lower producer price index, the market place today too. The S & P500 reached another all-time high. Dow 15680,35 (+111,42), Nasdaq 3952,33 (+12,21), S&P500 1771,95 (+9,84)

Daily charts: 2013-10-29-charts.png

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WHC – Start to the week!

Industrial production in the U.S. has increased more than expected, home sales were lower than expected. The markets show differently. Apple has released its results after trading hours and exceeded expectations. Dow 15568.93 (-1.35) Nasdaq 3940.13 (-3.23) S & P 500 1762.11 (+2.34)

Daily charts: 2013-10-28-charts.png

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WHC – Also on Friday green!

In spite of a worse-than-expected consumer confidence, the markets also show us the week ending green numbers. The week closes with strong lapels and a positive of October is actually nothing in the way. Dow 15570,28 (+61,07), Nasdaq 3943,36 (+14,40), S&P500 1759,77 (+7,70)

Daily charts: 2013-10-25 charts.png

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WHC – Strong spreads on Thursday!

The trade deficit of the United States was lower than expected, the applications a little higher on jobless aid, but the markets put strongly. 3M and Ford have published the quarterly figures were above expectations, after the close, Microsoft released its numbers and was better than expectetd. Dow 15508,56 (+95,17), Nasdaq 3928,96 (+21,88), S&P500 1752,06 (+5,68)

Daily charts: 2013-10-24-charts.png

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WHC – Today slight discounts!

The import price index in the United States in line with expectations, but give the markets after yesterday’s good day. Catapiller disappointed Boeing was able to convince the quarterly numbers. Dow 15413,33 (-54,33), Nasdaq 3907,07 (-22,49), S&P500 1746,37 (-8,30)

Daily charts: 2013-10-23-charts.png

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WHC – Markets lay on labor market data!

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is indeed dropped to 7.2% but less than expected jobs were created. The markets react positively, since thus the current Fed policy will be continued. The bond buying program will be initially implemented in full on. Delta Airlines as well as Dupont published their numbers and exceeded expectations. Dow 15468,68 (+76,48), Nasdaq 3929,56 (+9,51), S&P500 1754,73 (+10,07)

Daily charts: 2013-10-22-charts.png

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WHC – Differently beginning of the week!

After a very strong last week, the markets start today differently on Monday. The prepayments of the homes sold were a little below expectations, the quarterly figures from McDonalds slightly above. Dow 15391,62 (-8,03), Nasdaq 3920,04 (+5,77), S&P500 1744,63 (+0,13)

Daily charts: 2013-10-21-charts.png

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WHC – Plus markets of the week!

After an exciting week with the markets close Plus. The S & P500 shows us a new all-Time_High. Dow 15399,26 (+27,61), Nasdaq 3914,27 (+51,13), S&P500 1744,48 (+11,33)

Daily charts: 2013-10-18-charts.png

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