WHC – Deadlock in the U.S.?

On the last day of the month, the markets are deep in the red, it also changes a good Chicago PMI nothing. Should the Congress ago 0 o´clock decide no budget, dei governmental organizations in the United States is from morning still, but it comes at the last minute to an agreement is unlikely because the Repuplikaner will only agree if Obamacare is postponed for one year. That would be the first stop in the U.S. for 17 years. The third quarter came to an end, with large gains. Dow 15129.86 (-128.38) Nasdaq 3771.47 (-10.11), S & P500 1681.57 (-10.18)

Daily charts: 2013-09-30-charts.png

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WHC – Friday – Red!

Also the end of the week shows up red, continued markets to weigh deficit situation in the U.S.. Even today, consumer confidence was below expectations. Dow 15258,04 (-70,26), Nasdaq 3781,59 (-5,83), S&P500 1691,73 (-6,94)

Daily charts: 2013-09-27-charts.png

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WHC – Markets green today!

Although it is still diskudiert about the deficit limit in the U.S., markets were up today after days with discounts for good labor market data. The Dow Jones breaks through a five-day downtrend. Dow 15328,30 (+55,04), Nasdaq 3787,42 (+26,33), S&P500 1698,67 (+5,90)

Daily charts: 2013-09-26-charts.png

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WHC – Markets solid red!

By lower orders for durable goods, the markets are now at a discount. The number of home sales actually increased, what the markets but also burdened the budget situation in the United States. The Finance Minister said with Lev 17 October, the U.S. could become insolvent if the deficit framework is not increased. Dow 15273.26 (-62.33) Nasdaq 3761.09 (-7.15) S & P 500 1692.77 (-4.65)

Daily charts: 2013-09-25-charts.png

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WHC – Today different!

The markets close today different. The house price index was slightly higher than expected consumer confidence slightly lower. The Nasdaq put something to the default values ​​gave somewhat. Today the UN General Assembly, Iraq and the U.S. begins search for a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue. Dow 15334,59 (-66,79), Nasdaq 3768,25 (+2,96), S&P500 1697,43 (-4,41)

Daily charts: 2013-09-24-charts.png

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WHC – Start with minus!

After a good last week, the markets starts today with slight discounts. The choice in Germany is beaten and CDU / CSU won superior, but Mrs Merkel will have to form a coalition wiedert, the former partner, the FDP could not create a place in the Bundesrat. How the coalition will ausschauen in Germany, will show a grand coalition between the CDU / CSU and SPD is most likely the next few days. Dow 15401,57 (-49,52), Nasdaq 3765,28 (-9,44), S&P500 1701,88 (-8,04)

Daily charts: 2013-09-23-charts.png

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WHC – Out the week with discounts!

End of the week, the markets are deep red. After strong growth in the course of the week, the indices had to leave on Friday feathers. Dow 15455,46 (-181,09), Nasdaq 3774,72 (14,65), S&P500 1709,76 (-12,58)

Daily charts: 2013-09-20 charts.png

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WHC – The markets close different!

After yesterday’s statement by the Fed and the subsequent premiums on the markets, the indices show different today. Despite lower-than-expected jobless claims and existing home verkaufre more than expected, the markets had a recovery today. Dow 15636,55 (-40,39), Nasdaq 3789,38 (+5,74), S&P500 1722,33 (-3,18)

Daily charts: 2013-09-19-charts.png

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WHC – Strong growth after Fed statement!

The Fed has so surprised that she maintains the bond buying program in full. So continue to cheap money. The Märjkte shot up and closed with strong lapels. Dow 15676.94 (+147.21) Nasdaq 3783.64 (+37.94) S & P 500 1725.52 (+20.76)

Daily chart: 2013-09-18-​​charts.png

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WHC – Today also plus!

Today we again see an increase in the markets. The TIC long-term investments in the U.S. have risen sharply again, this shows the confidence of foreigners in the U.S. economy. Dow 1529,96 (+3518), Nasdaq 3745,69 (+27,85), S&P500 1704,78 (+7,18)

Daily charts: 2013-09-17-chart.png

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