WHC – The war is approaching!

After it was first called, they will wait for by the Syria crises, the words of the Secretary of State Kerry sounds more than that the first strike of the United States could begin in the next few hours. The markets also show up on the last day of the month negative, despite good data on consumer confidence and the Chicago PMI. The month of August is the worst of 2013. Dow 14809,08 (-31,87), Nasdaq 3589,86 (-30,43), S&P500 1632,90 (-5,27)

Daily charts: 2013-08-30-charts.png

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WHC – 2. Day with plus!

After a strong GDP and less than expected initial claims for unemployment benefits, the markets could continue to grow today. Also the time being shifted in the attack on Syria. Despite all of this is still caution the markets for trading lost some of their profits. Dow 14840.64 (+16.36) Nasdaq 3620.30 (+26.95) S & P 500 1638.17 (+3.21)

Daily charts: 2013-08-29-charts.png

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WHC – Markets friendly again!

After two days at discounts we see again today-friendly markets, the indices close throughout with lapels. The use of the U.S. in Syria seems to be fixed and will take place primarily by sea. The pending home sales have fallen by 1.3%. Dow 14824,90 (+48,77), Nasdaq 3593,34 (+14,82), S&P500 1635,00 (+4,52)

Daily charts: 2013-08-28-charts.png

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WHC – Many news, one consequence!

Currently multiple messages shake the market , the situation with Syria comes to a head and a military conflict with U.S. involvement is more likely, furthermore it is still unclear how looks the Fed policy in September and last but not the least the dept ceiling in the United States is reached in October and the Congress must decide on the increase. All this taken together determine the market today and shows us a deep red image by moderate volume. Dow 14775,90 (-170,56), Nasdaq 3578,52 (-79,05), S&P500 1630,48 (-26,30)

Daily charts: 2013-08-27-charts.png

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WHC – Markets show with minus!

The Markets close in negative territory in the last hour, they have given all the profits. Triggered by a message that the United States might enter into a war with Syria. Dealers comment on the market with the course “War Trade”. The Dow closes below 15,000. Orders for durable goods in the U.S. fell less than expected. Dow 14946.85 (-63.66) Nasdaq 3657.57 (-0.22) S & P 500 1656.79 (-6.71)

Daily charts: 2013-08-26-charts.png

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WHC – End of the correction?

After six consecutive days of losses today shows us the Dow Jones for the second day in a row positive numbers and closes about 15,000. Whether this is the end of correction, the next trading day will show. Dow 15010.36 (+46.62) Nasdaq 3657.79 (+19.08) S & P 500 1663.47 (+6.51)

Daily charts: 2013-08-23-charts.png

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WHC – The world turned upside down!

Despite rather disappointing economic data from the U.S., initial jobless claims have risen, the markets show today with a positive sign. There were good date in China and Europe, the PMI index was wide going beyond expectations. Curiosity in it today too, trade on the Nasdaq was halted for about three hours, the exact reasons are not known yet, but there were computer problems, the rates were not displayed correctly.  Dow 14963,67 (+66,12), Nasdaq 3638,70 (+38,91), S&P500 1656,94 (+14,14)

Daily charts: 2013-08-22-charts.png

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WHC – Reductions to FOMC Minutes!

By 2:00 pm ET the FOMC meeting minutes were published, and the markets lost massively. But apart from that uncertainty about further steps the Fed has become even greater, is not happening. The protocol does not definitely show that in September, the bond buying program is reduced, only the votes pile up on the committee for an early end of the program, but no exact date has been mentioned. For the markets, this is of course a stressful situation, the strongest quarter of the year is coming and no one knows exactly how the Fed will act. If the bond buying program be reduced this year, it is expected that the markets have further reductions are applied, but it has also some evidence to suggest that a possible scenario is already priced into the markets. Dow 14897,55 (-105,44), Nasdaq 3599,78 (-13,80), S&P500 1642,82 (-9,53)

Daily charts: 2013-08-21-charts.png

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WHC – A green sign!

As mentioned last week, the markets again show a positive sign on Tuesday, if this is the trend, the next trading day will show. The Dow was at the last minute a few points off, reason is the exon share, it lose more and more. Home Depot published the quarterly results and exceeded expectations. Dow 15002,99 (-7,75), Nasdaq 3613,59 (+24,50), S&P500 1652,36 (+6,30)

Daily charts: 2013-08-20-charts.png

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WHC – Another Monday with a negative sign!

The markets starting in this week with red numbers. After the worst week for the Dow Jones in 2013, today the vast discounts. In the markets is not talked specifically about a correction, but will certainly draw further reductions to the change in the Fed policy. On Wednesday, the FOMC will publish meeting minutes, then probably much clearer. Dow 15010,74 (-70,73), Nasdaq 3589,08 (-13,69), S&P500 1646,05 (-9,78)

Daily charts: 2013-08-19-charts.png

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