WHC – First half of the year!

The first half of the year has gone by the end of trading today. The markets ended differently, but were able to conclude the week positively. Consumer confidence is far better than expected and with this trading, is also the second Quarter end, it remains to be seen how the company accounted for. Dow 14909.83 (-114.66) Nasdaq 3403.24 (+1.38) S & P 500 1606.25 (-6.95)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-28-charts.png

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WHC – Today the market raise again!

The third consecutive day, the markets posted a plus. Despite different economic data, incomes have increased more than expected, the initial jobless claims were higher than expected, the markets show premiums on the order of about 0,7%. Dow 15024,57 (+114,43), Nasdaq 3401,86 (+25,64), S&P500 1613,20 (+9,94)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-27-charts.png

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WHC – Markets continue to soar!

Although the GDP in the U.S. was a little lower than expected in the first quarter of 2013, the market place today on. The catching up for the past 2 weeks with reductions continues. Is the correction over? This question is still in the room and analysts disagree on! Dow 14909,99 (+149,68), Nasdaq 3376,22 (+28,33), S&P500 1603,26 (+15,23)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-26-charts.png

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WHC – Markets back in the green!

After good economic data in the property sector (more-than-expected home sales and a higher-than-expected S & P / Case Shiller Home Price Index) and higher-than-expected orders for durable goods, the markets showed today with good serves. Also CB consumer confidence in the U.S. was above expectations. Dow 14760,70 (+101,14), Nasdaq 3347,88 (+27,13), S&P500 1588,06 (+14,97)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-25-charts.png

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WHC – Downtrend goes on!

The markets were able after the start of trading strong discounts to catch up a lot though, but in the end, the signs remain negative. The correction could extend to around 10% from the highs now seems more than likely. This correction consolidate the market and creates more air to the top. Dow 14660,09 (-139,61), Nasdaq 3320,75 (-36,49), S&P500 1573,12 (-19,32)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-24-charts.png

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WHC – Friendly end!

After massive discounts in the last days, the markets stabilized today and could again increase slightly at the standard values. Dow 14799,09 (+41,16), Nasdaq 3357,24 (-7,39), S&P500 1592,43 (-4,24)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-21-charts.png

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WHC – Deeply red!

Despite respectable economic data, the markets today show massive reductions. The statements from Fed Chairman Bernanke today show their effect first in Europe, then in the United States, the possible imminent end of “Light Money” stresses the markets. Dow 14758,24 (-353,95), Nasdaq 3364,63 (-78,56), S&P500 1588,19 (-40,74)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-20-charts.png

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WHC – FOMC decision!

Today, after a two-day FOMC meeting, the results were published. The Fed leaves interest rates at the low level of 0.25% and sets the bond buying program continues. Monthly $ 85 billion will continue to flow into the market, but could be heard from the statement saying that “easy money” will soon come to an end. The markets acknowledged the situation at a discount. Dow 15112,27 (-205,96), Nasdaq 3443,20 (-38,98), S&P500 1628,93 (-22,88)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-19-charts.png

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WHC – FED Meeting starts!

Today, the two-day Fed meeting started and the markets rose by a similar amount as yesterday. The Dow Jones makes a 3-digit growth again. The outcome of the Fed meeting tomorrow we will find out. Furthermore, today figures came to the consumer price index and housing starts in the nearly met all expectations. Dow 15318,23 (+138,38), Nasdaq 3482,18 (+30,05), S&P500 1651,81 (+12,77)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-18-charts.png

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WHC Positive into the week!

The markets start after prolonged once again positive in a new week. Although the main indices have given some of today’s highs again they closed in positive territory. NY Empire State manufacturing activities were better than expected. Dow 15180,08 (+109,90), Nasdaq 3452,13 (+28,57), S&P500 1639,05 (+12,32)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-06-17-charts.png

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