WHC – To the end of the week and the month discounts!

Today, the markets have inflicted haircuts again. In month view, the markets can also record a plus. The private income as well as spending was lower than expected in the U.S. and the rumors that the Fed could take back their bond bying program harden. Dow 15116,11 (-208,42), Nasdaq 3455,91 (-35,38), S&P500 1630,78 (-23,63)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-31-charts.png

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WHC – Everything green today!

Although markets could not keep the days highs, they close with lapels. Although the economic data in the GDP and unemployment benefits not convinced that markets were up again, unlike in Japan, where the Nikkei had to put down 5%. Europe showed positive again today. Dow 15324,60 (+21,80), Nasdaq 3491,29 (+23,78), S&P500 1654,44 (+6,08)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-30-charts.png

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WHC – YO-YO effect!

Up yesterday down today, the markets can not decide on a direction. In the minds of investors returned the idea that the Fed could reduce the bond buying program soon. Much worse than the U.S. it hit the European markets. The Dax today reported a decline of 1.70%, the English FTSE down by 1.99%, the Euro Stoxx 50 index was 1.74% down. Dow 15302 (-106,59), Nasdaq 3467,51 (-21,37), S&P500 1648,36 (-11,70)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-29-charts.png

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WHC – Strong first day!

After the holiday yesterday, the markets rallied today to correct. At the peak was the Dow Jones 200 points in positive territory. Boosted by positive data from the real estate market, house prices have risen by 10% on average, the market players bought in the markets. Tiffany has published quarterly figures pre-market and was better than expected. Dow 15409,39 (+106,29), Nasdaq 3488,88 (+29,74), S&P500 1660,08 (+10,48)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-28-charts.png

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WHC – Sightly discounts on Friday!

Today we have recorded in the U.S. American markets different signs, Europe was hit harder, the Dax lost another 0.5%. Now a long weekend awaits us on Monday is Memorial Day in the USA. Dow 15303.33 (+8.83) Nasdaq 3459.14 (-0.27), S & P 500 1649.62 (-0.89)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-24-charts.png

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WHC – Markets rebounds!

After heavy markdowns due to the Fed statement yesterday in Asia (Nikkei -7%) and Europe (Dax -2%) the American markets are negatively started today. After the market close in Europe, turned the main indices and closed almost unchanged. The current market trend was carried by positive economic data in the area of ​​unemployment benefits, and housing sales. Dow 15294,73 (-12,44), Nasdaq 3459,41 (-3,88), S&P500 1650,54 (-4,81)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-23-charts.png

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WHC – After Fed statement!

The markets today completed a roller coaster, after more than 150 points plus in the Dow Jones wears out the index with 2-digit discounts. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said today before the Senate and the senators were to understand that the bond buying program continues until the labor market and the economy recovered significantly and fundamentally – the markets shot up. A little later, said a member of the FOMC, that could already be decided at the next vote, the Fed reduced its bond buying program – the markets shot down. Why do these large fluctuations, as long as the Fed bond buys fresh money flowing into the markets, should tear this cash flow and will not be offset by the money in circulation, the stock market would not move further up or even suffered reductions. Dow 15307,48 (-80,02), Nasdaq 3463,29 (-38,82), S&P500 1655,35 (-13,81)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-22-charts.png

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WHC – Today again green!

After yesterday’s day with a negative sign, the markets are now back in the green. After better-than-expected quarterly results from Home Depot, the stock market was down again today. Tomorrow we expect the numbers of Lowe’s the second big home improvement market in the USA. Dow 15387,35 (+52,07), Nasdaq 3502,12 (+5,69), S&P500 1669,16 (+2,87)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-21-charts.png

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WHC – A similar picture!

As at the last assembly as well as today, the markets show with slightly negative. Should this be a sign for the rest of the week, we will also conclude this week with lapels. The voices to the end of Fed Bond bying program will be louder. Dow 15335.43 (-18.97) Nasdaq 3496.43 (-21.53), S & P 500 1666.29 (-1.18)Dow

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-20-charts.png

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WHC 4 Weeks with wins!

Even today, close the markets with strong lapels and thus terminate the 4th Week in a row with wins. After a better-than-expected consumer confidence, the major indexes went on to new heights. Dow 15353,56 (+120,34), Nasdaq 3498,96 (+33,72, S&P500 1666,11 (+15,64)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-05-17-charts.png

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