WHC – Last day of the month and plus!

After a weak start to the last trading day of the month, the markets recovered and connect with Plus. The S & P Case-Shiller index of housing prices was higher than expected, as well as the CB consumer confidence, the Chicago PMI was slightly lower than expected. Pfizer has with its quarterly results can not reach expectations. Dow 14837,18 (+18,43), Nasdaq 3328,78 (+21,77), S&P500 1597,44 (+3,83)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-30-charts.png

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WHC – Higher private spending!

By higher-than-expected private spending and more-than-expected pending home sales in the U.S., the markets rallied strongly today. Dow 14818,75 (+106,20), Nasdaq 3307,01 (+27,75), S&P500 1593,60 (11,36)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-29-charts.png

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WHC – Markets differently today!

After a GDP which was lower than expected, but recorded an increase of 2.5%, the markets started in the red. Consumer confidence has risen again, but the markets ended differently. Overall, we are seeing an increase this week. Dow 14712.55 (+11.75) Nasdaq 3279.26 (-10.72), S & P 500 1582.24 (-2.92)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-26-charts.png

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WHC – Solid increase!

Today the markets close with solid rashes. After less than expected initial claims for unemployment benefits and better-than-expected quarterly results of United Airlines and UPS, the markets were just in the green today. 3M has only disappointed and Harley Davidson just met expectations. After the market closes Amazon and Starbucks released their numbers. Amazon as well as Starbucks could exceed expectations in earnings per share. Dow 14700.80 (+24.50) Nasdaq 3289.98 (+20.33) S & P 500 1585.16 (+6.37)
Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-25-charts.png

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WHC – Looking for direction!

The markets today were fighting a concrete direction and connected differently. Procter & Gamble, Ford and Boeing today released its quarterly results and earnings per share were in consistently exceeding expectations. Orders for durable goods in the U.S. went far more sharply than expected. In Germany, the business expectations index fell below expectations of a recovery in Europe can be no question. Dow 14676,30 (-43,16), Nasdaq 3269,65 (+0,32), S&P500 1578,79 (+0,01)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-24-charts.png

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WHC – Action in the markets!

The markets close today in strong plus, but it was not a day without incident. Circa by 13 o ´clock local time in New York, there was a message on the Twitter account of the Associated Press, the White House was hit by a terrorist attack, shortly after AP announced that the Twitter account was hacked and the message is wrong. On the basis of this report, we saw a flash crash of 200 points in the Dow Jones. Delta Airlines, DuPont and United Technologies released their figures before the start of trading and were consistently above expectations. After closing the much-expected figures came from Apple. Apple has the expectations even if only a little, but excel and AT & T met the expectations in earnings per share. Dow 14719,46 (+152,29), Nasdaq 3269,33 (+35,77), S&P500 1578,78 (+16,28)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-23-charts.png

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WHC – Positiv into week!

The markets close today with slight premiums, after the miserable last week, a positive sign. Caterpillar has somewhat disappointed with its quarterly figures, but Halliburton was able to convince. After market close Netflix and Texas Instruments released their numbers, both exceeded their expectations in earnings per share. Dow 14567.17 (+19.66) Nasdaq 3233.55 (+27.49) S & P 500 1562.50 (+7.25)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-22-charts.png

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WHC – Friendly end on Friday!

Although markets have recorded slight increases on Friday, this is the worst week since mid-2012. In Boston, there was a shootout between police and the perpetrators of Monday’s marathon attack. A policeman and a suspect were killed. The second suspect, his brother, is still on the run. The brothers come from Russia and since 2007 have U.S. citizenship. Sad Conclusion for this week in Boston 5 dead 176 injured. Dow 14547.51 (+10.37) Nasdaq 3206.05 (+39.69) S & P 500 1555.25 (+13.64)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-19-charts.png

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WHC – Markets at a discount again!

By higher-than-expected jobless claims show the markets today back down. There are voices that the sensational rally since the beginning of the year, is now pending a correction, but not the usual 10% but in the order of 3-8%. The markets need to breathe for the next jump. Premarket Verizon, Pepsi and Morgan Stanley have published their quarterly results and were consistently above expectations in earnings per share. After Hours got the numbers from Microsoft, IBM and Google. IBM could not reach the expectations of all, Microsoft and Google could exceed expectations in earnings per share. Dow 14537,22 (-81,45), Nasdaq 3166,36 (-38,31), S&P500 1541,62 (-10,39)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-18-charts.png

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WHC – Markets again in red!

The markets show the time as Ping Pong market. Today they have to accept haircuts again. Bank of America with its quarterly results could not reach expectations, American Express, however, they could easily surpass Amex income is below expectations. Ebay could also exceed expectations per share in income they were also below expectations. The markets just scrape the bottom of the 3-month uptrend, a correction seems possible. Furthermore, the commodities are under severe pressure, gold is only at $ 1372 and crude oil at $ 86.73. Dow 14618.59 (-138.19) Nasdaq 3204.67 (-59.95), S & P500 1552.01 (-22.56)

Daily charts: www.whcdirect.com/chart/2013-04-17-charts.png

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