The US stock exchanges on the up and the Brexit!

The US stock exchanges are still on the rise, showing again and again All Time Highs, which can not change the odd-looking policies of a Mr. Trump. Trump has now achieved a small partial success with his immigration policy, but only so much that the US has been able to choose who enters, but so far no countries have been mentioned which make it difficult or difficult to enter the US.

The FED is expected to raise interest rates one step further (25 basis points) before the summer months, the signs of the economy are good as well as the labor market stands on stable feet.

It is even more difficult in England, after Prime Minister May has lost the election and now, with the support of Northern Ireland, a minority government is striving, Brexit negotiations have become more difficult.


Dow Jones stands at 21409.55 points Nasdaq at 6247.15 points and S & P500 at 2439.07 points

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WHC – Supplement!

The banks continue to show strong Bank of America, as well as U.S. Bank Corp. and American Express with your numbers were above expectations. In addition, IBM and Intel has released the numbers, IBM was better than expected, Intel was 1 cent per share below expectations.

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WHC – Before the unemployment rate strong discounts!

After bad results from overseas and worse than expected ADP non farm jobs, the financial markets got strong haircuts today. The Dow Jones falls below the 15,000 mark. Furthermore, the uncertainty about the procedure of the Fed stressed the markets.  Tomorrow we expect the unemployment rate for the United States. Dow 14960,59 (-216,95), Nasdaq 3401,47 (-43,78), S&P500 1608,90 (-22,48)

Daily charts:

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