WHC – Markets minus on the last trading day of the month!

Despite better labor market data, the initial jobless claims were at 262k, and better than expected Chicago PMI with 52.30, the markets showed deep red today. The personal income were unchanged and private spending fell by 0.4%. Decisive for today’s discounts were the weakness of the dollar and higher interest rates on US government bonds and contradictory statements about Greece situation. Beginning it was said there is an agreement to conditions, but shortly afterwards it was no deal! Despite the strong reductions today the April ends with a slight gain. For the year 2015, the Dow Jones is light positive. Dow 17840,52 (-195,01), Nasdaq 4941,42 (-82,22), S&P500 2085,51 (-21,34)

Daily charts: 2015-04-30-charts.png

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WHC – US markets continue to strive to the top!

Furthermore, the markets up in the US, the Nasdaq shows us on a closing basis, a new all-time high. However, the S & P / Case-Shiller house price index could continue to grow at 5%, consumer confidence fell slightly to 95.20. The quarterly results are still good, Apple could surprise us with $ 2.33 per share and with more than 61 million iPhones sold again, expected were only about 57 million. Microsoft with $ 0.61 per share and Merk & Co. at $ 0,85 per share could also surpass expectations, only Ford missed with $ 0.23 per share easily prognosis. Dow 18110,54 (+72,57), Nasdaq 5055,42 (-4,82), S&P500 2114,81 (+5,89)

Daily charts: 2015-04-28-charts.png

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WHC – Finally Plus!

After less good labor market figures, the unemployment claims were worse than expected at 295K and the real estate sales could not reach with 0,48M predictions, the markets began at a discount to the day. The manufacturing PMI was also disappointing with 54.2, but the quarterly figures could continue to surprise on the upside, Facebook $ 0.42 per share, Caterpillar with $ 1.72 per share  and Pepsi with $ .83 per share all exceeded expectations merely General Motors remained with $ 0.86 per share fell short of requirements. The markets continuously turned into positive territory and closed in the green. Nasdaq to a new all-time high at the close! Dow 18058.62 (+20.35), Nasdaq 5,056.06 (+20.89), S & P 500 2,112.93 (+4.97)

Daily charts: 2015-04-23-charts.png

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WHC – Markets close different!

After a strong start to the week yesterday, the markets are mixed today. Furthermore, the company’s figures for the first quarter show very positive Bank of America with $ 0.30 per share, Morgan Stanley at $ 0,85 per share and IBM with $ 2.91 per share were among others all about expectations. Gold has again risen slightly and stands at around $ 1201 and oil fell to around $ 56.60. Dow 17950,12 (-84,81), Nasdaq 5014,10 (+19,50), S&P500 2097,33 (-3,07)

Daily charts: 2015-04-21-charts.png

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WHC – Markets were volatile but to the end red!

A volatile trading day comes to an end it has initially started at a discount, but ended with smal degrees. The Dow Jones is well above 18,000 and the Nasdaq is over 5000 points again since 2000. The initial jobless claims were at 294K slightly higher than expected but the Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index 7.5 has performed better than expected. Quarterly figures show continued mostly slightly above expectations only Netflix remained at $ 0.38 per share, close to 50% below forecasts. Unlike GoldmanSachs with $ 5.94 per share, Citigroup with $ 1.52 per share and Bank of America with $ 0.30 per share were above expectations. Dow 18105,43 (-7,18), Nasdaq 5007,79 (-3,23), S&P500 2104,99 (-1,64)

Daily charts: 2015-04-16-charts.png

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WHC – Despite poor retail sales …

… there was not too big swings in the stock markets and the markets ended differently. The retail sales amounted to an increase of 0.2% but well below expectations. The quarterly number season has begun and are now the expectations were consistently met or exceeded. JP Morgan with $ 1.45 per share and Wells Fargo with $ 1.04 per share forecasts outperformed as well as Johnson & Johnson with $ 1.56 per share. After Hours Intel released the numbers. Dow 18036,97 (+59,93), Nasdaq 4977,29 (-10,96), S&P500 2095,86 (+3,43)

Daily charts: 2015-04-14-charts.png

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WHC – Markets are up further!

The week turned out to be very friendly and even today, markets rose again. The initial jobless claims were 281K again significantly under 300K indicating a steady recovery of the labor market in the USA. In addition, the quarterly results season startetet yesterday with Alcoa which amounted to $ 0.28 per share above expectations. Dow 17958,59 (+56,08), Nasdaq 4974,56 (+23,74), S&P500 2091,18 (+9,28)

Daily charts: 2015-04-09-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up to Iran Deal!

In the Iran nuclear affair a partial agreement could be reached today, Iran has agreed in the corners and President Obama said, with this deal, the region is safer. The initial jobless claims were again with 268K lower than expected and the factory orders rose by 0.2%. The markets had climbed. Dow 17763,11 (+64,93), Nasdaq 4886,94 (+6,71), S&P500 2066,95 (+7,26)

Daily charts: 2015-04-02-charts.png

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