WHC – Markets close different!

The economic data from the US were mixed today, one hand, the consumer price index with 0.2% was better than expected, on the other hand, were the unemployment claims with 313K on the prediction, in turn, the orders of durable goods with a plus of 2.8% were very good. The markets reacted differently to the news. Dow 18214,42 (-10,15), Nasdaq 4987,89 (+20,75), S&P500 2110,77 (-3,09)

Daily charts: 2015-02-26-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up by Yellen!

The Fed chief Janet Yellen today testified before Congress and hinted that a rate hike will come later rather than earlier in the year. The markets reacted very positively. The Dow Jones is strongly over 18000 and the S & P500 was able to hold 2100 points. Dow 18209.19 (+92.35), Nasdaq 4,968.12 (+7.15), S & P 500 2,115.48 (+5.82)

Daily charts: 2015-02-24-charts.png

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WHC – Markets different!

The bickering between the Eu finance ministers and Greece goes on, the Greeks, although further sought help, but would like to take the rafter facilitation measures – Germany rejects. The economic data from the US today were mixed, with 283K Initial jobless claims it was better than expected but the Phili Fed manufacturing index stands at 5.2 at the lowest level in a year. Markets close in different ways. Dow 17985,96 (-43,89), Nasdaq 4924,70 (+18,34), S&P500 2097,45 (-2,23)

Daily charts: 2015-02-19-charts.png

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WHC – Markets mostly unchanged!

The US markets close today almost unchanged after the ceasefire in the Ukraine was broken again after 48 hours and the Pocker Greece goes back and forth. Yesterday, the negotiations with Greece were terminated abruptly and a deadline of Friday, today it looked like that Greece give up during the day, but that hope burst like a soap bubble. Well, the votes of a Greek exit from the euro zone louder, this step would have been smart three years ago, now it would lead to significant losses for Greece as well as the EU, because the money already paid to Greece would be well off indefinitely. Dow 18044,62 (+25,27), Nasdaq 4899,27 (+5,43), S&P500 2100,13 (+3,14)

Daily charts: 2015-02-17-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up to Ukraine solution!

The markets were up again today after it was revealed that there is a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, this was negotiated by the two heads of state under Putin and Poroshenko using Merkel and Holand. The situation is different in the Greece crisis, at the first meeting of EU finance ministers on the Greek crisis, there was no step to another, but there is further discussed. The economic data from the US today were also disappointing that initial jobless claims many with 304K higher than expected and retail sales fell by -0.8%. Dow 17970,26 (+108,12), Nasdaq 4857,61 (+56,43), S&P500 2088,34 (+19,81)

Daily charts: 2015-02-12-charts.png

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WHC – Markets up!

According to the new horizons of hope in reference to the Greek crisis, the markets rallied today. The European governments in the first place, the German government continues to try with the new Greek leaders to reach an agreement. Greece wants a haircut, the EU will not agree. It leaked information that the EU commission wants Greece to give 6 months clarification of the debt crisis with the creditors. Dow 17868,76 (+139,55), Nasdaq 4787,64 (+61,63), S&P500 2068,59 (+21,85)

Daily charts: 2015-02-10-charts.png

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WHC – Increase on US markets!

Despite weaker data on trade balance – $ 46.56 billion and -1.8% in the productivity of non-agricultural goods in the US and continue ongoing concerns about Greece and the euro zone, the markets were up again today. Dow 17884,88 (+211,86), Nasdaq 4765,10 (+48,39), S&P500 2062,51 (+21,00)

Daily charts: 2015-02-05-charts.png

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WHC – Strong growth for oil jump!

The markets have now set consistently main driver was the massive rise in oil prices (about 7%) and positive news from Europe regarding the Greece situation. As a symbolic character, the entire car fleet of the Greek Minister for sale, Greece will not only spend money again, but also useless to make money. Dow 17663,96 (+302,86), Nasdaq 4727,74 (+51,05), S&P500 2049,92 (+29,07)

Daily charts: 2015-02-03-charts.png

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